FOSS4G Europe

Beside the annual global FOSS4G there are local FOSS4Gs taking place all over the world. FOSS4G Europe is only one of these regional conferences and wants to gather and connect enthusiast from Europe. It is an annual event, but does not take place every 3 years when the global FOSS4G conference comes to Europe. The conference aims to bring FOSS4G users and developers together and to foster closer interactions within the European geospatial communities. FOSS4G Europe 2020 is the first Open Source Geospatial event in North-Eeast Europe after successful editions in Bremen Germany (2014), Como Italy (2015), Paris France (2017) and Guimarães Portugal (2018).

Don’t miss FOSS4G Europe 2020 in Valmiera (Latvia) and join the FOSS4G community!

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