FOSS4G Europe is the yearly event of the open source for geospatial European community. Here is where you hear of the newest initiatives and implementations, the newest projects and attempts. Europe is home for many open source flagship projects that you most surely already used, like GRASS, QGIS, or GeoServer. Come listen and learn from the core developers you follow online, but better yet, come present your work! It is your ideas, your projects that build this community, so come and shape FOSS4G-Europe 2020 Valmiera!

You can submit the following types of contributions:


27th of January

Open call for talks, workshops and academic papers

1st of April

Close call for academic papers

12th of April

Announce accepted academic papers

1st of April

Close call for talks and workshops

2nd of April

Open Community vote for talks

12th of April

Close the community vote for talks

TBD by Academic Track

Submission of full academic papers

15th of May

Announce accepted talks and workshops


30th of May

FOSS4G Europe 2020 schedule published!


1 A LT is 5minutes long with no QA session. The acceptance of LT is conditioned also by the possibility of inserting them in the main schedule in a seamless way. 

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