Traveling to Latvia and Riga

By plane (recommended)

The easiest way to get to Latvia is by plane to Riga international airport (RIX). Riga has direct flights from 106 places. Riga is serviced by low fare companies Ryanair, airBaltic, WIZZAIR, Iberia Express, Norvegian air and other companies, like, Lufthansa, Finnair, Czech Airlines, SAS, Aeroflot etc.


From and to airport one can use a city bus No. 22 It is possible to buy a ticket in the buss (2.00EUR), in Narvesen or ticket machine 1.15 EUR.


Ticket types and prices: 

The central train station and central bus station in Riga are located in a 10 min walking distance. The 22nd bus stop (from and to the airport) is located nearby train and bus stations. A map of the center of Riga with the central train station and Riga international coach terminal: 


By train (recommended for participants from or travelling via Russia, Belorussia and Estonia)

Train connection are only with ex soviet union countries. Direct train connections are with Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Vitebsk, Vilnius.

Time table and connections: 

By bus (recommended for participants from or travelling via Estonia and Lithuania)

To reach Latvia by bus one can use some of listed companies, offering bus line connections to most of European capitals and largest cities:


By ferry

Riga is connected to Stockholm by a ferry line operated by Tallink 

For participants from Finland there may be considered ferry option from Helsinki to Tallinn and following around 3,5 h drive to Valmiera by car. 

By car or by bicycle

You have free hands, but remember – Riga and Latvia is not connected with any highways. Major roads are in good conditions including Riga – Valmiera, but smaller roads may be not top-notch. Unfortunately bicycle infrastructure in Latvia isn’t well developed. 

There are also many car rental opportunities at the Riga airport and Riga. There are limited opportunities for car rentals in Valmiera city. 

Traveling Riga - Valmiera

By Bus

Riga international coach terminal is servicing also inland routes. At terminal one must buy a ticket to the buss Rīga-Valmiera to station “Valmiera bus station” (just ask “nearest to Valmiera” and will be fine).

Normal ticket price 4.75 EUR and travel time 1h 50min (~ 114km). Tickets should be bought at any of ticket offices (just look for an end of a queue) in advance (at least 15 min before departure). It is possible to buy the ticket in the buss (accepts cash and bank cards).



By Train

From Riga

All local trains have only second class carriages (unnumbered seats, no extras). Valmiera is located on the rail line Riga – Valka/Valga. From Riga one must buy a ticket to Valmiera. 

Normal ticket price 4.24EUR and travel time 2h 20min.


From Tallinn (Estonia)

It’s also possible to change trains in Valga/Valka twin cities at the border of Estonia and Latvia, and arrive from Estonia (Tallinn, Tartu are the main cities on the route).

Ticket price for Tallinn-Valga/Valka train is about 17 EUR (1st class tickets 20EUR) and travel time around 3h 10min. Tickets can be purchased on the train (cash or card), or pre-bought online (see the timetables website below)

Timetable can be searched at

The Valka-Valmiera train runs currently twice a day: at 5AM and at 2:40PM. Tickets cost 2.15 EUR and the trip takes about an hour.

By Car or by bicycle

Valmiera is connected to Riga with road A3 Riga – Valmiera – Valka/Valga – Tartu. From Riga take road A2 (Riga – Pskov) and then turn to A3. Be aware – some road signs are located just next to turn – don’t miss Your turn! Satellite navigation devices have most of major roads, still smaller roads and other information might be sparse (at least for TomTom users).

Depending on arrival time and number of participants coming from and to Riga, we are ready to organize some reasonable special FOSS4GE transportation by car or bus (Just ask us if we have not started or proposed that!).

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