General information:

We live in the era of speed, faster download speed, faster upload speed, faster communication, faster trains, faster cars. We want to learn more, hear more faster and faster. We don’t read as many editorials any more, but Twitter messages to stay up to date with the world around. Without a doubt, it’s not always best to hurry, yet if you want to share a dazzling piece of news related to your geospatial work in a fast and impactful way, the lightning talk is what you want to submit to FOSS4G Europe 2020.

A lightning talk is 5minutes long with no QA session. The acceptance of LTs is also conditioned by the possibility of inserting them in the main schedule in a seamless way. 

We respectfully ask for all speakers that have LTs accepted, If after you have confirmed participation but you are no longer able to present, please let us know as soon as possible!

Lightning talks selection process

The submitted LTs will be assessed by the Program Committee.

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